Saturday, March 19, 2016

Planners and Fitness

Who would have known that my passion for planners and fitness would have me create another blog specifically or that?

As I start another journey, as a means to motivate myself some more, I would want to share this article on how to make the most use of your planners.


I need to remind myself these words:

 "It only takes 1% of your time to start on a healthier path. Start with 1%. Pledge to spend 15 minutes each day on your health. As you progress, the time you devote to fitness will undoubtedly go up, but I'm asking you for only 1%. Let's make this our crusade. Ask your friends and family to join you. Whenever you hear someone you care and complain about time, ask them if a longer, better life is worth 1%" says Arnold Schwarzenegger.

15mins. Just 15 mins. I can do it. 
Join me.

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